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Oct 05

A journey between four different flavors in one set…Enjoy!

Jun 12

Swindle - When I Fly (Forthcoming on Long Live the Jazz LP)

What a Beauty!


Feb 16 Reblogged


Much respect to Brother Swindle for having me on his Show !
Its my 6th Guestmix on Rinse and its Packed with Exclusives tunes .

1) Von D ft Riya - Picture in your Mind (Dub)
2) Von D - Try Me (Dub)
3) Dj Madd - Imagination (Dub)
4) J.K.L & Hoolio - Venomous (Dub)
5) Lost ft Beezy - Snake Eyes VIP (Dub)
6) Stepz - Trapisko (Dub)
7) Gemmy - Volume Loud (Dub)
8) Geiom Ft Marita - Reminissin’ (Berkane Sol)
9) Dub Mechanics - Broken LFO (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
10)Von D ft Phephe - Deeper (Dub)
11)Von D - Wicked Pharoah (Dub)
12)Von D & Riskotheque - Eyes on You (Dub)
13)Silkie - Birth (Dub)
14)Kial - Transition of Perspective (Klax Remix) (Dub)
15)Von D ft Phephe - It’s in Me (Dub)

Sep 16

BadKlaat - Freq Skank (Pacman VIP)

Aug 16

Author - In The Sky
Pffff! <333

Feb 02

Hey! I Just Uploaded “Who dares” on soundcloud!

Jan 07

Swindle - Moodswings (by swindleproductionsuk)

Nov 24

Synkro - Look At Yourself (by MindsetRecords)

When Synkro completed this he must have cried with fulfilment. "…Indeed!

Sep 11

Ductus Collective Presents:

Spo - Ducset Mix 001

Sep 08

Pacman Presents: Heavy Bass Ahead (September 2011)

Sep 03

Reso - Her Eyes

Aug 27

Pacman Presents - Heavy Bass Ahead (September 2011) | slpacman

Hey…I Just Uploaded My New Dubstep Mixtape!

Download Here!

Jul 17

Pacman - Dubset August (B side)- 2009

New Dubset soon!

Jul 12

The Death of Dubstep | BlagSound.com

They are butchering the sound of Dubstep and calling it Dubstep

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